The advantage of riches seems to be in the skin or not much deeper. I wake up in morning & think, Well, I need not go to Boston or New York: I need not purse my mouth in expectation of any great man to descend into the parlor. I need not consult any worse man’s or odd man’s humor; I am no man’s man. I am quite free to go to my work, the work which is my joy to do. This makes a state of perfect preparation for the work. If I wake up in another man’s house or in a hotel or place of constraint, when I have come to do a forced work, come not with ideal freedom but with external compulsion of some sort, then I feel an irritability as much in the skin is in the soul, that pesters & hinders me. If I were master of Millions I should not feel such vexation but should control the circumstances & inasmuch as I am master of hundreds or thousands, I do. And such & no other seems the advantage of riches. If a man have more soul, more will, less skin, he can do without riches.

(Ralph Waldo Emerson)


© José Pacheco Pereira
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