1214 - Professor Gratt

And why does Gratt teach English? Why, because
A law school felt he could not learn the laws.
"Hamlet," he tells his students, "you will find,
Concerns a man who can't make up his mind.
The Tempest? . . . um . . . the one with Ariel! . . .
Are there more questions now?" But one can tell
That all his will, brains, and imagination
Are concentrated on a higher station:
He wants to be in the Administration.
Sometimes at parties he observes the Dean;
He giggles, coughs, and turns aquamarine.
Yet some day we will hear of "Mr. Gratt,
Vice-President in Charge of This or That."
I heard the Dean remark, at tea and cakes,
Face stuffed and sneering, "Gratt has what it takes."

(Donald Hall)


Bom dia!


© José Pacheco Pereira
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