Hoje, há setenta e um anos, Elizabeth Smart passeava num parque. Olhava as pessoas: "Why do people when they go for a walk look at each other?”. Não sabia, mas incomodava-a. Fugiu do olhar, encontrava pares de namorados. Incomodavam-na. Os pardais “were making so much spring noise”. Incomodavam-na. Mais namorados, que pensavam estar sozinhos, debaixo de uma grande árvore, e deparavam com Elizabeth:

"I had to walk all across that long bare path trying to think of other directions to look in besides theirs. Even painful things pass and that did. It was not that they embarrassed me - I was afraid of embarrassing them and having them send unpleasant thought waves after me. `Why did she have to come along them?' `Why can't she get a lover of her own?' Very disconcerting.”

De facto.


© José Pacheco Pereira
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